Viber launched payments in chat bots

Rakuten Viber, which owns the Viber messenger, has launched a new feature called Chatbot Payments. Rusbase was told about this in the press service of Viber.

Viber users will be able to use the app to purchase goods and services by making payments via Google Pay or another payment system available on the device.

“Viber decided not to limit itself to the functions of the messenger, but to build a service platform that meets all the needs of modern users in functionality and security,” the message says.

The first country where the function will be available will be Ukraine, and in early 2021 Viber plans to launch payments in other markets, including Russia.

The new feature will allow you to buy goods and services directly from sellers in their authorized chatbots on Viber. The user needs to add their credit or debit card to their Google Pay or other mobile payment system, after which the payment option will be available in all chatbots based on the Viber API.

A merchant or company wishing to accept payments on Viber must connect to a service provider that supports this type of payment, create a chatbot on Viber, and allow payments.

Viber launched payments in chat bots