Secret chat in Telegram – tips and features

Secret chat in Telegram and nod32 key – this is one of the useful features that all users of the service should know about. The messenger is the most secure of all applications for communication: even ordinary correspondence is well encrypted and safe.

Secret chats are considered even more secure and guarantee maximum privacy.

What is a secret chat on Telegram

It is a regular chat with an increased level of security. Secret chats are worth using for transmitting particularly important data, as well as in cases where you need anonymity.

The difference from regular chats: all messages exchanged by users are stored on Telegram cloud servers. That’s why we can start a conversation from one device, such as a phone, and continue on another smartphone or computer without losing information.

The secret chat is arranged differently: messages are saved only on the devices of the interlocutors and do not go to the service cloud.

It turns out that only the participants in the conversation have access to the information. No so-called third parties (including Telegram itself) will be able to connect to the correspondence and trace or decipher it.

Secret chats are based on the end-to-end encryption technology. This is a reliable method of information protection, the name of which speaks for itself: the message flies from one device directly to another.

Important: If you start a secure Telegram conversation on one device, you will not be able to continue it on another.

Secret chats concern only conversations with a single interlocutor – group chats cannot be made secret.

How to create a secret chat in Telegram
Creating a secret chat on Android is as simple as a normal chat:

You need to go into the app from your phone or tablet and open the menu (three bars in the left corner at the top).
In the list, select the line “New secret chat”.
Select the interlocutor from the list of contacts.
Important: You can’t create a secure conversation on your computer. The function works only on mobile devices.

If you use an iPhone, the algorithm is slightly different:

You need to click on the icon in the upper right corner;
And then select “Create secret” chat and invite the interlocutor.

You can also create a secret chat in Telegram X. To do this, click on the pencil in the lower left corner and select “New Secret Chat”.

Secret chat in Telegram – tips and features